Spring Sports Update


Felix Romero, South Side Editor

Due to Covid-19 the question still remains, “Will there be spring sports?” On February 9th, I received an email from Mrs. Ayala stating that as of right now the only spring sports that are able to start practicing are track and boys and girls tennis. She also stated that the state has agreed on a color tier system that shows a map, and the colors represent the COVID status of the counties. Since we are in LA county, we are in the purple tier, and in order for other sports to start we need to move from the purple tier to the red tier(substantial) for baseball and softball to start. Orange (moderate) for boys and girls soccer and yellow (slightly) for boys/girls basketball, wrestling, and competitive cheer.

Mrs. Ayala also clarified that we are allowed to do conditioning pods, but we are waiting for the district to give us the okay to begin conditioning again. Another thing she said was, “Once that happens coaches will be scheduling conditioning practices if they wish to start.” The county tier status that was shown was from February 2nd so it’s still very recent. Nothing else was said about spring sports such as if there will be an audience or how the games will play out, because right now it is too soon to tell. 

Ultimately, the CIF guidelines are adjusted weekly, but so far it seems to look the same every week. The guidelines state that any student-athlete testing positive for COVID-19 may not return to practice or competition until cleared by their physician. It is not confirmed yet that there will be spring sports, but we are certainly hoping that coaches can start scheduling conditioning. We don’t know for sure, but the players may need to have their temperatures checked before being allowed to practice because even if practices start, we’ll still need to be careful and take extra precautions. Hopefully, we will receive more information soon, but as of now only track and tennis are cleared to start practice until we are out of the purple tier and into the red tier.