2020-2021 ASB Cabinet


Jayleen De La Cruz

New ASB president, Jayleen De La Cruz

Jesenia Garcia, Editor In Chief

On January 8, the elections for the ASB cabinet were held via a Google form. The candidates for ASB President were Jayleen De La Cruz as well as Alexander Colis-Vazquez. Running for Vice President were candidates Belen Sanchez alongside Andrew Ortega Valle. Jessica Michel ran for ASB secretary and Brenda Zambrano for ASB historian. The purpose of a student-run ASB cabinet is that students can feel a connection with a school that runs deeper than just academics. The ASB leaders are to make sure the students of South El Monte High School have a memorable experience.

The ASB president for the 2020-2021 school year is Jayleen De La Cruz. She has been actively involved in all school events and has been a part of ASB since her freshman year. One of Jayleen’s goals consists of bringing awareness to the importance of mental health. “With this in mind, my goal is to have a student-teacher interaction where both parties feel comfortable talking with each other.” She will do her absolute best as president and give it her all. When it comes to being a part of the associated student body, it means a great deal to Jayleen. It has given her many opportunities and helped her break out of her shell. “ASB has given me so many opportunities that I will forever be grateful for.” It’s taught her many life lessons as well as helped her form friendships that she’ll take with her throughout her journey. 

The ASB vice president is Andrew Ortega Valle. Andrew has had previous experience in leadership, he’s also actively involved in the school. “I was my freshman’s class president. I’ve also been involved in ASB since my sophomore year at South.” Andrew’s reasoning behind wanting to be a part of the ASB cabinet is to work with his fellow cabinet members to accomplish greatness. “What made me want to be a part of the ASB cabinet was the feeling of leading alongside people who are destined for greatness.” He plans to work hard with Jayleen to make this year as great as possible for South although we’re online. He describes being a part of ASB as being a part of a family. At the end of the day, they all have the same goal of putting their best foot forward for the students here at South El Monte. 

The ASB secretary is Jessica Michel. The role of the ASB secretary is to maintain the minutes of each meeting. The ASB historian is Brenda Zambrano. The role of the ASB historian is in charge of the memories made whether it be through pictures or videos. Despite not being on campus, the ASB cabinet is working hard to make this year as memorable as possible under the circumstances. The best is yet to come with the school’s new ASB cabinet.