Being a YouTuber While in High School


Evelyn Samano

Olivia Guerrero, Senior, keeping composure while being a YouTuber in High School.

Jazmin Rocha, Sports Editor

High school is stressful and difficult to balance but what if including another thing that adds up to it, being a YouTuber? Being a YouTuber requires commitment, organization, and time management but overall being yourself and having fun throughout the process. It helps people become more confident in themselves, and brings out the best in them. Attending high school and being a YouTuber means you have to up your game in organizational skills to be able to time everything perfectly, finish homework, and be on time with any school events. Jannett Ciranda and Oliva Guererro are two very outstanding people who are managing to balance school, daily hassles, and being YouTubers.

Olivia is a high achieving and athletic student who participates in many extracurricular activities but is also a YouTuber. She’s taking AP classes maintaining her grades and is in Colorguard not to mention the captain. Olivia started vlogging in her sophomore year because she wanted to share her experience in Colorguard. She records parades, football games, and other events in Colorguard. Her equipment to record used to be her iPhone but she recently got a Canon Rebel T camera. She was inspired by how few people would record their experience in Colorguard so she decided to take the challenge. She edits late at night after finishing homework and uploads it during the weekend. Olivia learned how to prioritize her time and be organized.  She says, “It’s important to make time for everything so you don’t overstress yourself and also being organized helps in the long run.” She recommends people to vlog because it’s a great way to keep memories and look back at them. She also says, “At the start, I was definitely awkward, but now I’m more comfortable being myself and speaking my mind.”

Jannett is also a high achieving and athletic student who participates in many extracurricular activities but is also a Youtuber. She’s taking AP classes maintaining her grades and involved in Colorguard and to include she’s in the basketball team. She started vlogging on May 7, 2019, because of her Quincenera. She did this to look back at one of the best days of her life. Editing was pretty easy at the beginning but as every year came by school became progressively challenging. Other than this she records places she goes to and activities she does with her family and friends. To record her videos she uses her camera which is a Canon sx740 hs in her iPhone 7. She was inspired by YouTuber Jacy and Kacy. She says editing is hard at the beginning but with time you get used to it and it’s a lot of fun. She quotes, “You also feel very proud of yourself when you’re done especially if the video ends up getting a lot of views and feedback from different people. You get to inspire people to start a YouTube channel too just as that one person inspired you in the past. This also might not be for everyone, but if it’s for you go for it!”. Jannett is an amazing person who likes to be a positive person and always has a positive mindset. She says “Always remember to follow your dreams and do what you love!”