Election 2020–What do the Polls Say?


Daniela Miranda, Co-Editor-In-Chief

We are regularly hearing about politics and how they are changing. We vote all the time for different events. Now we are voting again for our new president that we will have for the next four years. The two candidates that are running for president are Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Donald Trump’s political party is the Republican Party or GOP. Joe Biden’s political party is the Democratic party known as the Democrats.

In the latest national polls, Biden has been in the lead with 51 while Trump has 42. The latest President Polls Biden is in the ahead. With 226 and Trump is at 125. In the Battle for House, the Democrats are winning with 214 while Republicans have 189. Lastly, for Senate, they are currently tied at 46 each. In Florida Biden is in the lead with 50 while Trump is at 46. Michigan Biden is ahead with 51 and Trump at 46. Wisconsin Biden is at 51 Trump is at 46. In Wisconsin Biden is leading with 51 Trump is at 44. In Arizona Biden is at 51 Trump is at 45. in Iowa Biden is at 48 Trump is behind just by two at 46. Ohio is the one state where Trump is ahead by 4. Trump is at 48 while Biden fell behind at 44. Biden has a good chance of winning. He is ahead of Trump in the presidential polls, the battle for the house, the latest national polls, and in most of the states as well.

So who has a better chance of winning the election? At this point, it is looking like Biden will be able to win. He is ahead on almost all polls and states. Not only that, but he was Barack Obama’s vice president. That is helping him get looked at better than Trump. According to the New York Times, Ms. Ponkowski said “she is planning to vote for the former vice president primarily to remove Mr. Trump from office” Just like many other Biden supporters. So who will you be voting for on November 3rd?