Sports in 2020-2021


The South El Monte field sits idle until sports reemerges.

Gustavo Santos, South Side Editor

Due to COVID-19 P.E. and sports activities have all been really careful in regards to reopening with students to prevent infection rates. I interviewed Sonia Ayala, the head of physical activities and asked her some questions on how is COVID going to affect P.E. and sports in 2020-2021.


Ms. Ayala said that Designated areas will be assigned and only 9 athletes will be permitted on the field at once. Students have to be separated into different areas from the field by groups like the bleachers, track, practice fields, and the weight training room. The rules regarding going on the field are students and teachers have to wear a mask, all students have to be 8 feet apart, and cannot be indoors. Games haven’t been predetermined.


 Students are not permitted to use the equipment because students can infect it or get infected. All students have to bring or buy a water bottle because drinking from the water fountain is not permitted since that’s another way to get infected. Also all coaches and students have to follow guidelines the school district puts out so everyone can be safe.


 If students don’t follow the guidelines they won’t be allowed to be on campus and go to the field. Students have to be clean and prove they don’t have the virus by taking a COVID test with their personal physician. 


I have asked Ms. Ayala some more questions. The first question I asked her was how she felt about teaching students about physical activities through online school and she said, “As a P.E. department we are sharing with students the information that we tend to forget to do with students when we are in person.  We are teaching them the importance of the 5 parts of fitness, and what the components are to keeping a balanced healthy lifestyle. During live classes we tend to rush through these things because we focus so much on the physical activities. Online school has allowed us to do this more.”


The second question I asked her was how can you help students get better at being healthy through quarantine, she replied by saying, “If students are paying attention to the lessons we are sharing with them every day online, they will be able to start incorporating the information shared into their daily routines or exercise programs.” 


The third question I asked her was what are some tips she can give to students to stay active? She said, “Students should find 15-30 minutes each day for exercise. Those in P.E. should do the workouts given to them by the PE teachers on their activities logs.  The workouts incorporate a little of all the health components and they set for beginners and advanced students.  The intensity they are performed will be up to each student.  Stay active and give yourself a break from the screen!