How has COVID-19 Impacted People’s Fashion Sense 


Daniela Miranda, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Fashion Editor

Unexpected. The word a lot of people use to describe this pandemic. Overnight, Americans were forced to shut down businesses, stay in their homes, and social distance. It all just happened so fast. Now six months later, things have changed drastically.

What should I wear to the store, what matches with my face mask, how should I wear this? Some questions that come to mind when dressing to even the most simple places like a grocery store or to throw out the trash. With fashion constantly evolving and following our new trend, there’s no surprise that it changed now during quarantine. For example, all women used to wear skirts until the 19th century. Then they started wearing pants in the 20th century, and it just kept evolving till today. Many well-known stores like Forever 21, PINK, GUCCI, Channel, Supreme, etc. made face masks that would match with outfits. A lot of businesses have even moved online to satisfy customers. The fashion industry never stays behind and is with us even in these difficult times. Throughout the years, we have seen how fashion is a big part of whatever is going on in our times. We see how styles change, people change, how outfits signify the times we’re living in. 

Many people have even changed up their styles because they have time now. They can experiment with their outfits. They have no one around to judge them. They can play with their style a little bit. Others modified them slightly, they wear jewelry, paint their nails, wear shorts instead of jeans. Despite all of this, quarantine has given us a chance to show who we really are and it has shown with our new styles.

I changed my style because I was ready for that change. Quarantine made me realize certain things. One of those things was accepting myself.-Brenda Ulloa 21’

Brenda has done what most students would do, started changing her styles by bits and pieces. Brenda has so far dyed her hair and changed to a vintage style now.

I changed my style because I was getting bored of my old one and wanted to see and feel better with a more aesthetic look.- Henry Pedraza(Graduate class of 2020 at SEMHS) 

Henry changed his style completely; he went from wearing dark colors all the time to now trying something new, wearing brighter colors and shirts like polos. He’s tried to go for an aesthetic look which makes him feel better.

Both have changed their styles. Henry changed it from dark colors to more colorful colors for a more aesthetic look. Brenda changed her style to a vintage look. Although changing your style can be intimidating, being in quarantine has given students the ability to change their style without judgment.


Overall, many students on campus have changed because of quarantine. The fashion industry had to adapt to these difficult times. Now we have seen it first-hand with people changing up their style during quarantine. It’ll be exciting to see how fashion trends advance and change through these very different times.