Senior Striving Through Distance Learning


Jenevieve Anzaldo

Cassandra Flores, ASB president, getting ready for a rally.

ASB President, Cassandra Flores, is making the best out of her senior year. Despite not being able to be on campus, she has managed to stay involved with her extracurricular activities. “I am the president of ASB and have been involved since my freshman year.” She’s also involved in the HMC Upward Bound program, where she has had the opportunity to attend 3 summer programs, intern at the Association of Independent California Colleges, as well as a virtual internship with the Library of Congress under the Law Library. The most exciting part of Cassandra’s senior year is mentoring juniors and underclassmen, since leadership is something she’s passionate about. “I think the most important part of my senior year has to be mentoring juniors and underclassmen because I love engaging in my community and practicing leadership.” 

When she looks back at high school a memorable moment for her will be the homecoming halftime show she co-hosted with Dylan Williams, her junior year. Cassandra felt proud and rewarded with applause of how successful the night had become. “One of the most memorable parts of high school so far has been the homecoming halftime show of my junior year because I saw everything come together so well. I got to see the float that I painted with my lovely group of friends that I asked to do the skit get such a loud cheer.” Her plans for the near future haven’t been completely decided yet, but she has an idea of what she wants her future to look like. “My plans for the future change a lot but at this current moment, I plan to attend an institution of higher education and work to serve victims of abuse as a social worker.” She’s aiming towards getting into Occidental College for her undergrad or graduate degree. Outside of the school she has a few interests such as playing with her kitten, experiencing with new makeup looks, and practicing embroidery. “Embroidery is such a time consuming and tedious hobby but when I finish an art piece I feel so accomplished.” 

A piece of advice she shares is to join and focus on the clubs you’re passionate about, don’t join clubs only for college applications. “They should focus on integrity rather than what colleges may be looking for because what colleges are actually looking for is that people challenge themselves in their own endeavors, whether that be in the classroom or in extracurriculars.” Cassandra would like to give a shoutout to her friends Daniela, Kelly, and Erika, that kept her spirits high. She’d also like to thank Mr. Castillo, Mr. Azucar, and Mr. Castellanos. As well as her coordinators for Upward Bound, Athina, Angie, and Laura. “They have been amazing mentors and have helped me develop as a student, a leader, and a person.”