Dune 2020 Trailer review


Janira Hernandez, Photo editor

Dune Trailer Review: 

The first trailer for sci-fi/adventure movie Dune based on the books by Frank Herbert was released on Thursday September 9th. The movie is going to be about Paul Atreides (played by Timothée Chalamet), who aims to lead nomadic tribes to control the planet of Arrakis. 

Student and junior Alexandra Pablo gave her thoughts on the trailer. Alexandra described the trailer as  “dramatic but exciting.” She is excited to see how big actors like Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya who will play Paul’s love interest work together and mentioned she never really thought about those two being together on the big screen. She is also curious to see how unique or similar this movie is going to be compared to the Star Wars movies since George Lucas did take inspiration from the creator of the Dune story, Frank Herbert. Alexandra mentions that she infers the movie “about him (Paul Atreides) trying to revive the family legacy.” Alexandra also sees the movie will take Paul on a self discovery journey with romance, and the attempt of  taking over a planet. 

Based on the trailer, the movie seems to give you a sense of an adrenaline rush. This movie will definitely attract many Star Wars and sci-fi fans. Not to mention, A-list actors like Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Timothée Chalamet, and Jason Momoa are in the cast. These actors have been in the spotlight a lot recently, especially Oscar Isaac who took part in the three most recent Star Wars blockbuster films. Fans will indefinitely follow this movie since a few of this generation’s most famous actors are in the cast for this movie. The release of this movie will certainly draw a big crowd. Even an online review article from The Verge saysIn short: the trailer’s dope,” and that “the cast looks fantastic.” It’s exciting to see what else is to come after the trailer. With that said, the movie seems like it would bring sci-fi fans nostalgia and spark a huge fandom like the Star Wars fandom and perhaps even something like Star-Trek.