New Medical Club on Campus


President Marina Mendez & Co-president Yessenia Maldonado

Allen Nguyen, Fashion Editor

Ever wonder about the pathways required to get into the medical field? If the answer is yes, the Medical Club might be a good fit for you.

The President and Co-president of the medical club have agreed to an interview to tell us more about the club and why they decided to start it. The SEM Medical club is a club founded by Marina Mendez and Yessenia Maldonado. Both of them being high achievers had always thought about going into the medical field. However they didn’t have the guidance to help them get there. Due to these factors, they decided it would be a good idea to start a medical club to not only help themselves, but many other students who wish to pursue a career in medicine. “We wanted to educate ourselves and others to hopefully make them feel more confident going into college.” says co-president Yessenia. 

The medical club is for students that want to find out how to get into the medical field. This club helps them see courses they will need to take, volunteer hours they might need to do, exam preparation they would have to prepare for, and many other elements. Overall the purpose is to help those who want to study medicine.

“Although due to COVID we can’t do many activities that we would like to we still want students to get as much information from different medical professionals over Zoom with the help of Kaiser,” stated President Marina. They have managed to have meetings, guest speakers, and activities to keep members interested. They have a meeting every Wednesday, and they are planning on having a guest speaker either mid or end of October to inspire students to be the next generation of doctors. They have had the privilege to partner up with Kaiser. This has allowed them to get more information and more opportunities. Kaiser is helping them learn more about the medical field. They are helping students by bringing in guest speakers, explaining in more depth about the instruments they use, and showing them how to build their resume. The club advisor is John Otten, a biology teacher at SEMHS. He helps other students achieve their dreams with the medical club.

Overall the medical club is a very great club to join if you want to study medicine or want to pursue a career in the medical field. It will help you build a resume, attend workshops, and give you many more opportunities. 

Photo: Co-president of the Medical Club

Yessenia Maldonado

Marina Mendez