Math Teacher Educates Students With Life Lessons


Destiny Olivas, Editor In Chief

Math teacher, Mr. Bocanegra, is teaching students not only equations but life lessons as well. Mr. Bocanegra used to teach at Gladstone High School for one year and is going on to three years teaching at South El Monte High.
He is the advisor of the class of 2022 and he finds it very fortunate because it helps him get to know the school more and also understand what events are going to occur. Mr. Bocanegra is also involved in afterschool and Saturday tutoring. 

“Tutoring also benefits me because I get to tutor many students around the school even though they are not in my classroom.¨ 

Ever since elementary school, he knew that he wanted to work in education. He would always finish his work and ask his teachers if he can help his classmates. He then later took charge of wanting to become a teacher so when he attended Mountain View High he joined an academy that allowed him to tutor other students in middle school. He later got his Associates at Citrus College and got his bachelor’s and a teaching degree at Cal State LA.

The most exciting part of teaching for Mr. Bocanegra is he personally likes to add lessons about life and not only teach math. He views  South as having a great and positive environment. He observes that students communicate very well and have a lot of school spirit.

“You want to be proud of what you do,” he says. He finds that being able to teach math is important for students but teaching them lessons they can use beyond high school can have a big impact on them. He finds joy in teaching and communicating with different students because it helps them get to know one another. 

He understands that students make wrong choices but eventually they come to their senses. He knows that sometimes students don´t like to listen to their parents but he wants to help guide them onto the right path and ultimately make them realize it is for their own good.