World Class Cheer Champs


The South El Monte representatives of the World Class Cheer Champions

Betty Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

February 1st, 2020 was a record breaking day for the South El Monte High school Cheer Team. The WCC (World Class Cheer) company held the World Class Challenge Championship, all ranks and levels of schools, youth recreation and dance. South took home the first place trophy for the World Class Cheer Championships along with championship rings and pride. The cheer competition team is made up of 32 student-athletes. These girls have worked relentlessly to win a placement competition, in order to be eligible for championships, proving that south is the best of the best.  Martha Ramirez expressed her joy in winning by saying “It felt unrealistic! All our hard work and practice paid off once they announced our name and got our rings!!” You can clearly tell that Martha was proud of her team knowing the hours they put into practice paid off to bring the championship title home. The team ended up practicing 3-4 times a week for two hours, all while still making time to be at other school events supporting fellow Eagles. 

Our SEMHS competition cheer is coached by Michelle and Ariana, captains are Nicole Lohman, Liyah Rangel, and Victoria Andrade. The captains are working  alongside the coaches to assure these girls get to where they need to be. Nicole stated, “It has been very hard to get everyone on the same page, and as determined as everybody else but the hard work we have put in at our practices hour after hour have really paid off and gotten us a championship title that we seniors will cherish forever.” Nicole Lohman as captain has put a tremendous effort into her team, trying to keep the bond/happiness all while keeping them in check.  “I really enjoyed being part of the cheer team and being able to experience the meaning of family with these girls! I was able to count on these girls for anything and just have a good time with them,” stated senior Salma Parra. These girls created a monumental moment that will be remembered for years to come