Eagles Takeover The Night Rally


Olivia Guerrero, Editorial Editor

On February 7, the end of the week arrived commencing the start of night rally activities. Before the start of the rally, basketball took over the court playing against Arroyo. These games didn’t stop the hardworking ASB students to decorate around the players and they successfully filled the gym with green, yellow, red, and purple. Towards the third quarter of the game the gym filled with students of all grades. “We wanted more support for basketball and regulate the people coming into the gym,” Cassandra Flores stated as to why you needed to enter the rally early. As the crowd mixed with parents and students the collective cheered on the varsity boys as they won 72-48.

After the exhilarating win, the night rally commenced with ASB taping the last-minute additions to their sides of the gym. Cheer came out to start off the night and performed a routine that hyped the crowd for the following competition. Following suit the freshmen and sophomores performed separate dances inspired by different eras. The freshmen did a 50s inspired dance and styled with greaser styled outfits and the sophomores danced to a 60s themed dance with their yellow attire. “We worked on the dance for about a week and practiced during lunch and even on one of the days we got excused from fifth period to work on it,” Jessenia Garcia commented. The battle of underclassmen left the freshmen victorious with the upperclassmen cheering on in agreement that the freshies had the best dance.

Eventually, the juniors and seniors joined in on the activities, which started off with students rolling themselves in sheets of paper to turn into burritos and a balloon popping game where you squish a balloon in between two people till it popped. The rivalry between the juniors and seniors got heated with “seniors” and “juniors” being chanted by the two classes to show they weren’t backing down. “Being in the stands was crazy with all the juniors going crazy every time we started playing a game,” Melody Guiterrez shares. The games came to an end and it was time for everyone to exit outside for the dance, but before everyone was released ASB juniors made an announcement. A wide poster was brought into the gym unveiling the theme of prom “A Starry Night” at Le Meridien Delfina in Santa Monica. 

Moreover, after the excitement dwindled Mr. Vu finally let the eager students out to the dance floor. On the blacktop, a DJ was playing upbeat, a photo booth was set up, and disco lights illuminated the area. Soon enough all the classes made it to the area and the chaos ensued. Baby powder was puffed into the air, and coins were tossed. “A coin hit and the powder was all over my jacket, it was really embarrassing, but other than that I had a lot of fun,” Leslie Salvador retells. Luckily, no one was majorly injured and after awhile the flying object ceased and everyone was able to enjoy the night. As the DJ played old and new music, the crowd ceased to settle, and the night rally was a success for everyone.