Eagles Show Their True Colors


Janae Morales, South Side Editor

As the new year comes to a start we once again celebrate our spirit by representing our class in the schools annual spirit week. Everyday from Monday through Friday every class prepares by decorating our lovely school with each class’s unique color. Along with this, students will arrive at the school by 5 AM and help decorate the campus with posters, balloons, and streamers according to every class’s color, (green seniors, purple juniors, yellow sophomores, and red freshman) that all represent the enthusiasm every class has when it comes to showing their spirit. 

Spirit week is an event that is important to many of the students at South El Monte and is something they prepare for weeks in advance. Whether it be by picking out an outfit or staying after school in order to help make special and unique posters for their class. As put by senior Alina Zuniga she contributes to and shows her spirit by “dressing in her class color and pushing her friends to do the same,” as they display the positive energy that should be shown because it is their day to be appreciated. Students will express their pride towards their graduating class by dressing in their class color and encouraging other students to do the same. Junior Olivia Guerrero is someone who is always showing her spirit as she is part of the school’s color guard. She believes spirit week is important because, “it shows that everyone is equal and we’re all part of one school”.

Spirit week is not only a celebration of spirit but a special way of displaying one’s own uniqueness and support for every graduating class, and this year our students displayed their enthusiasm and support in various ways. In the words of senior Alina Zuniga, “it is important that we have a celebration of spirit annually because it motivates each class to keep going and it shows that the school pays attention and cares about all of us… the recognition helps push us to do better and celebrating our spirit makes us feel important.” Spirit day can be something that truly encourages students to succeed as the celebration for their graduating class pushes them to be their best.