Senior Expresses Herself Through Her Fly Style

Sofia posing with confidence

Destiny Olivas, Co Editor-In-Chief

You may have seen her walk through the halls with a fresh new pair of shoes or being complimented by her customized jewelry. The senior Sofia Alvarez has herself feeling confident with her own unique style.

Sofia sets out her appearance as a ¨girly tomboy” which she finds the best way to describe. Celebrities such as Travis Scott, Coi Leray, and Gunna have inspired Sofia´s current fashion style. ¨ I usually just go based on the latest trends and mix it in with my own style,” Sofia mentions. 

During Sofia’s freshman year, she felt like she wasn´t speaking her true self with what she was wearing. So she then decided to get a job that would help her get the newest shoes and name brand clothing. She felt that managing her money was something that helped her out very much so that way she can wear what she wanted to wear.

Sofia usually shops online on Stock X and Nike or goes to stores like Forever 21 and PacSun. Some of her favorite colors to have on is black, white, red, royal blue, and the color mustard. 

On top of a simple or fancy look, she throws on her customized jackets or jewelry to have a wow factor. Since Sofia loves painting, she likes to customize her own shoes and jean jackets to accentuate her outfits. Sofia also gets clothes from the thrift store to save money and for her to design on them.

 ¨ I think your style is a cool way to express yourself. It gives people an idea of who you are without them getting to know you.¨