From South El Monte to Stanford


Daniela Alcazar

Santiago Alvillar is determined to conquer life at Stanford next year.

Liyah Rangel, Social Media Editor

Many students know him as the kid-genius who took high school courses 7th-grade year.  Others know him as the humorous overachiever we all know and love. But what people don’t know is that he is on a mission to change this world for the better. Santiago Alvillar will be attending Stanford next fall to pursue his academic career. 

As a first-generation student coming from immigrant parents, Santiago is determined to follow his dream of graduating from college one day. He plans to major in engineering physics with an emphasis on energy alternatives because he’s always had an aptitude for math. “The goal is to raise awareness in climate change and make a positive impact however possible,” he shares. 

Along with being a dedicated student he also finds time to stay in-tune with his emotions. When he’s not studying for a test, you can find him on the track field or simply spending time with his friends. As the president of CSF, Emerald Jewel, and director of the Freshman Mentoring Program, he advises students to prioritize themselves and do what they love.  For example, taking rigorous classes you only feel comfortable in. “The key is to stay confident and focused in the classroom and then relax, be yourself once you step out. What makes classes tolerable is having people who embrace your goals and want the same success.” 

Now that senior year is finally here, Santiago feels the senioritis slowly making its way in. “It’s real. I never believed it. I thought everyone was joking and they were just being dramatic. It’s crazy to know that after 4 years everyone is going to part ways and just dive into the real world,” he says.