5 Ways To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence


Watching the sunset over the beach is an excellent way to reflect on your emotions.

Liyah Rangel, Social Media Editor

Often times we wonder why we do the things we do but ultimately give up on finding the answer. Sometimes we can’t control the way we feel because we don’t know how. One thing you should know is that it’s completely normal and human for that to occur. Maybe you felt alone and confused. Maybe you’re a full-time student participating in extracurriculars and life hits you out of nowhere. Don’t fret, knowing when to harness and take control of your emotions can lead you to smarter decisions in the future. 

Emotional intelligence is a form of understanding that consists of four skills. Those skills include; emotional awareness, thinking/ problem-solving, empathy/vulnerability, and managing emotions. What we need to know is that this is not an overnight process. Instead, it takes years of practice and patience to really comprehend who you are as an intellectual. 

For starters, increase self-awareness by letting go of negative interactions. That doesn’t necessarily mean avoid them or judge them, but identify what you are experiencing. Two, reflect and see if your emotions are appropriate then act accordingly. Three, be aware of things that often stress you out and take track of them. Try being proactive to minimize them. 

In addition, recognizing others’ emotional needs is a form of empathy. Putting yourself in their position or perspective let’s them know you genuinely care. Lastly, handle adversity by practicing optimism, asking thought-provoking questions, and taking initiative in solving problems. 

Overall, we tend to display better psychological well-being and a greater ability to socially interact with others. Individuals with higher emotional intelligence have greater academic achievements, work performance, and negotiating abilities.