FBLA Leader Shares his Journey


Merlisse Palacios, Features Editor

Future computer science leader, Ethan Tat shares some life experience and expectations. Throughout his high school career, Ethan has been involved in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) one of the largest clubs on campus with fifty-five members involved. The club teaches students business, computer solving, math, and public speaking skills.

His involvement in the club has led him to become the President for his second year now. He has been in FBLA for four years. Before his discovery of the club, he states, “ I was incredibly shy. I didn’t like talking to anyone and I disliked coming to school.” Now as club commander he strives to give everyone a voice. Club advisor, Mrs. Wong has also had a strong impact on Ethan. She guided him through high school do’s and don’ts. “ If it wasn’t for Mrs. Wong I have no idea where I would stand today,” claimed Tat. FBLA has taught Ethan leadership and communication skills that have positively impacted his life.

Beyond his life at school Ethan enjoys playing with computers. His love for computers is what lead his interest in the computer science field. When he’s home he likes to play video games and watch t.v. His favorite video game is Minecraft because he likes to build models and his favorite t.v shows is The Simpsons. Spending time with friends is also one of his favorite things to do. Being at school and being able to hang out with his friends is important to him. He believes that after high school everyone will be busy with their own life that hanging out won’t be an option. That is why spending time with his friends now is a crucial part of his senior year. However, Ethan is excited for graduation day. “ The ceremony that awaits this day will be very special to me because it means that I made it” claims Tat.

After high school, he plans to attend and dorm at a four-year University. He has applied to a generous amount of Universities but his top three are Caltech, UCLA, and USC. His first choice of attendance is Caltech because it is a tech school that has the STEM program. UCLA is choice number two because of its diverse culture and good computer program. Choice three is USC because of its great film production program and engineering classes. Beyond his love for computers lies a film production interest. Ethan states, “ I find film production interesting because it takes many elements to compose a film.”

Being so Ethan is grateful for having his parents, Mrs. Wong, and friends for all the love and support they bring him. He claims, “ All of these people have changed my life for the better. I have their support and they have mine.”