Pros of Metal Detectors at Schools

Students at Waccamaw Middle School pass through metal detectors as they arrive at school in Pawleys Island.

Post and Courier

Students at Waccamaw Middle School pass through metal detectors as they arrive at school in Pawleys Island.

Merlisse Palacios, Features Editor

School shootings have become more common for schools in the United States. We’ve all  heard about school shootings either on social media, newspapers, television programs, or other media forms. As we become more exposed to the outbreaks of these horrific events, we must keep in mind how to stop them. 

Most of the murder wepons used to create these massive shootings in schools have turned out to be guns. While many people discuss different ways to prevent the possession of guns amongst teenagers or young adults, few people consider the safety precautions our schools should be taking. 

Metal detectors are an option all schools should keep in mind. Metal detectors are an effective way to keep our staff and students safe from an attack because they can identify weapons that can be smuggled onto campus.  Some of the obvious problems metal detectors will solve are the possession of weapons such as knives, firearms, and guns. By having a device near the entrance of our learning centers, the school provides more time to become aware and prepare ourselves for our next move. 

With the implementation of metal detectors, contraband in our learning environment will decrease significantly. According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram news article, Kay Grang states, “Metal detectors are something you can do, and something you can do quickly, that won’t cure everything but still make a difference.” In agreement to Grang’s statement having metal detectors as a resource would make a significant change to schools because it allows schools to have extra protection.  

Despite the controversies metal detectors cause, the devices bring helpful options that can change the lives of our students. From preventing contraband, to keeping our learners safe, to helping prevent another attack, metal detectors are accountable tools for our schools. Taking this into account, you can now inform yourself of the benefits metal detectors provide.