Victoria Andrade Makes the Most of Her Senior Year


Senior Victoria Andrade, wants to make the most of her senior year

Jesenia Garcia, South Side Editor

As the seniors are making the most out of their last year here at South, Victoria Andrade sheds some light on her experiences and memories she has made so far throughout the year. She’s made it clear that being involved in sports is something she definitely values as well as spending time with family and friends.

Victoria has been playing softball since her freshman year, she’s currently playing on the varsity team. “Softball has always been a part of me in and out of school.” She also mentions her love for cheer. She’s been in cheer when she was younger but didn’t join the cheer here at South until last year because she missed being apart of it. Something she loves about being involved in cheer is that she gets to show off her school spirit whether it’s for rallies, sports games, or just to support the school environment.

When you’re so used to a specific schedule it’s hard to make adjustments. Victoria says that she’s going to miss seeing her friends and familiar faces every day. She’s so used to the routine of waking up at a certain time; coming to school, staying for eight hours, and staying for additional time afterwards because of practices; doing homework and so on. When she’s not in school she almost always at practice whether it’s for softball or cheer. Victoria’s very family-oriented. She loves to surround herself with loved ones and you can always catch her hanging around with family. 

So far, homecoming has been her most memorable part of high school. She was a part of the court and she states that it was nice to gain that experience with her friends. Overall she had a fun night that day as she enjoyed the last homecoming of her high school years. Senior year is all about making time last and making everything count. Final memories to her are not necessarily the most exciting part of her senior year. Yet she enjoys trying to get closer to her friends that she hasn’t been as close to in previous years. She’s trying to make the most of her time before she leaves.

Senior year also comes with its struggles, like college applications according to Victoria. During all the years before she would listen to the seniors talk about it, some would be dreading over the application process and others seemed as if they were prepared their whole life. She says that once the process is over, it’s relieving. After graduation, she plans to spend as much as the summer with family and friends. She wants to dorm at whatever 4-year university she ends up attending so she wants to value any last time family time before not being able to talk with them every day. 

“I’d like to give a shoutout to Mr. Bunting, Mr. Castillo, and Mr. Velazquez.” She’d like to thank them for always having an open door because she appreciates that she could to them if she needs help with anything. They’ve been a role model and a mentor to her. Most importantly they’ve played a big part in her senior year.