New Year, New Cheer


Sujey Flores , News Editor

The South El Monte Varsity Cheer team has grown stronger as a team over the past few years and has overcome all the challenges they face physically and mentally. The Varsity Cheer Team is diverse and inclusive which is important for the girls and the coach. Team bonding lets the girls get to know each other better, and they try their best to do things together like have a day on the beach, picnics, and generally participate in activities that allow them to bond with each other.

This year the girls were lucky enough to get a new coach. Coach Michelle Gonzales, an all-star power league coach, is the new Varsity Cheer team coach from South El Monte High School. She had an amazing welcome from the young ladies and staff. Coach Michelle has been a big help for the ladies by getting involved with the school and administration so the cheer team has a lot of support from them. Victoria Andrade, a senior who is the co-caption of the Varsity Cheer team stated, ¨Losing our coach last year was a big change but we adjusted to the new coach, and she has been a really big help. The coach also fought for us so we can get new mats and uniforms.¨

The commitment and hard work infused into their workouts and activities by the Varsity Cheer team’s ladies demonstrates that cheer is not just an activity but a sport. In regular practice, the ladies practice four days a week from 3:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. During weeks of competition, the cheer team is focused on doing their best without giving up so much that they feel prepared when the day of the competition arrives. Although at times it will get difficult for the girls with the routines, they never give up on themselves or the team. Liyah Rangel, the Captain of the Varsity Cheer team says, ¨Being the first years captain of the cheer team has been going great but also rocky. It also takes a lot of dedication and hard work, but I do get nervous sometimes because all the girls are looking up to me.¨

During the night rallies, football games, and many more school events, the South El Monte Varsity Cheer Team has brought spirit to our school over the years. Every year, the cheer team has expanded so much, and there is still the spirit. Nicole Lohman, the co-captain of the Varsity Cheer team asserts some helpful advice for the upcoming freshmen who are looking forward to joining the cheer team, “Definitely fight for your spot, and during the time of tryouts, the coach will be a little tougher and especially looking for girls who are accountable, but if you practice your cheers you will be okay.”

The cheer team brings together the community and students to display our spirit in activities at school or in general. That is why the South El Monte Varsity Cheer Team is important to us.