Christmas At South El Monte


Nicole Lohman

The South El Monte Choir performs one of the classics during the Winter Choir Concert.

Nicole Lohman, Sports Editor

Tuesday December 3rd, South El Monte High School held its annual Christmas holiday choir concert. When 7pm hit the crowd of parents, friends, and family filled the chairs. The choir and chamber walked to the stands and stood confident and tall as they prepared with their sheet music. The students have been preparing for this concert all semester and were excited to demonstrate their progress. 


They sang many songs such as Deck The Halls, Carol Of The Bells, and All I Want For Christmas Is You among other classics. Senior Catherine Sanchez said, “We were really excited for Mariah’s Christmas anthem but we struggled with Carol Of The Bells because it requires us to sing different notes at the same time.” This is her first year in choir and she was looking forward to this concert because it’s their first big performance of the year. Another senior, Alexander Granados said, “It’s been really fun to get to know everybody and make new friends in this class and I’m happy to be trying something out of my comfort zone.” He felt alienated in a new setting but despite that he’s found his way and grown to like music and being a part of the choir. 


Mr.Duce introduced the students and gave a few descriptions of the pieces they would be singing. He then moved to his piano and began to play a couple keys. The first few seconds was soft harmonizing followed by the voices of the amazing students. They perfectly stayed in sync as they sang in the holiday spirit. They also wore nice suits and the girls beautiful long dresses along with christmas hats. The parents cheered as every song came to an end and they recorded their performance. Students took pictures and made sure to capture all the special moments. Our choir and chamber bowed and walked off with smiles on their faces as their annual Christmas concert came to an end.