Balanced Man–Mario Zamudio


Liyah Rangel, Social Media Editor

Mario Zamudio is not only an athlete, but takes his time to focus beyond the classroom. As a junior he knows how crucial this year may be especially since he plans to attend a 4-year university in the future. As the starting quarterback of the varsity football team, he’s very familiar with leadership and responsibility. He says, “It’s all about time management, dedication, and being passionate about what you love.” Although the team didn’t advance this year, they were brought together by an unbreakable bond. Mario hopes to turn the next year around and bring home the Griffin Bowl. 

He dreams of applying to Cal State Fullerton, Cal Poly Pomona, and Humboldt State University to major in business. But until then, he wants to pursue a professional career in baseball or football. A major sports fanatic from a young age, Mario believes he has the ability to put South El Monte on the map and make his family proud while doing what he loves. He shares, “My family is my greatest motivation… we’ve been through a lot together. I didn’t come this far to let them down.” 

If it’s not listening to music or hanging with friends, you’ll find him in Mr. Escamilla’s history class. Mario’s favorite school subject is history because he finds the topics intriguing. In addition, he enjoys coming to SEMHS because everyone gets treated like a priority. “A lot of schools don’t offer as many opportunities or extra support like South does and I’m grateful,” he expresses. 

Being an older brother is a privilege to Mario because he feels like a role model. After his brother was diagnosed with cancer, he knew he had to set an example and cherish his siblings because anything could happen. Life may throw a curveball at you but his piece of advice is spread positivity, manage your time wisely, and be a good person because it can go a long way.