Buzz Question: What Were You For Halloween?


Metztli Estrada, Online Editor, Features Editor

Buzz Question: What were you for Halloween?

I was Eddie Kaspbrak from the movie IT. -Galilea Ocampo

I was Clifford the big red dog. -Jaden Montejano

I wore a Spider-Man Suit- Erika Rivera 

I was a greaser from the movie Grease-David Flores

I was a surgeon because that’s what I want to be when I grow up- Dayanara Hernandez

I dressed as a clown- Frenando Flores

I decided to come as a pickle- Joey Ortiz

I was a Vampire-Aaron Catano

I was Wonder Woman – Sheyla Mondragon 

Daphne from Scooby Doo – Martha Ramirez

I was a Teletubby for halloween- Axel Munoz

I was Emily from the Corpse Bride- Giselle Ramirez Perez 

A snow globe because they’re underrated – Jayleen Garcia

I like bananas so that’s what I was- Billy Morales 

I decided to be a Samoan Ninja from the lost city of Atlantis- Daniel Saldana 

I was Lilo from Lilo and Stitch- Arissa Perez Sanchez

I was a devil – Merlisse Palacios 

I decided to be an Indian because it was funny- John Dominguez

I wore an Angel Halo- Daisy Razon

I was the red Power Ranger- Brandon Barajas