Pro’s of Late Start Time


Later school start times means more sleep time for tired teenagers.

Sofia Alvarez, News Editor

As the state of California passes the new law SB-328 for students to start later, there have been a lot of controversies. The new law states that high school students cannot start school earlier than 8:30am. Although students would have to give it time for adjustment, it would overall be a good decision. Parents are also going to have to get used to the new school schedule which can benefit everyone. 

One of the main advantages students will gain from this decision is getting more sleep. Students won’t have to worry about waking up extra early to put themselves together. Most girls tend to get up early to do their hair and makeup so giving them another hour for these personal needs is also very beneficial. Since some students get a lot of homework sometimes, they may tend to stay up late so having to wake up at 7:00am ultimately affects the performance of the students.   

Kids wouldn’t come in tired as much as they were before due to their lack of sleep. Studies show that children who get less sleep are less likely to learn and understand the lessons given to them that day. This is because the brain cells aren’t able to communicate as quickly which is what causes you not to remember as much. Overall, giving students a little bit more time to sleep will show definite improvement in their academic performance. 

Another good thing about this new law is the traffic wouldn’t be as bad due to the fact that there is a time gap. Usually parents go into work around 7:30am which is the same time students start school. This causes an influx of cars going to work and school which means more traffic. Experiencing a time gap between the two times will improve the traffic rate and will make it easier for everyone to make it on time. It will also decrease the level of accidents in the morning.

Overall this new law will benefit everyone including teachers as well. It has a lot of pros compared to starting earlier and will also improve the overall environment at school.