Eagles’ Spirit Shines


Daniela Alcazar, Photography Editor

Every year in an effort to boost the school’s spirit before homecoming, South’s ASB members come up with themes for each day of the week that correspond with student outfits of the day’s theme. The themes were chosen by Audrey Figueroa, ASB’s Commissioner of Spirit. “What inspired me to come up with the things were things that I thought people in our school would enjoy and almost everyone would be happy with,” said Audrey Figueroa.

To promote the themes for each day, students in ASB posted the daily themes on their Instagram stories to share with their following. The homecoming court was also great and demonstrated the school’s festivity by dressing for each day. The court also wore their sashes as a symbol that they were Hoco king and queen candidates.

This year’s themes were VSCO girl or e-boy on Monday. A VSCO girl is a stereotype of Southern California beach girls who wear oversized t-shirts, scrunchies, and crocs. They are often made fun of on Tiktoks for using Hydro Flasks and saying “sksks” instead of laughing. ”My favorite day to dress up for was VSCO day because I wore something that people typically never see me wear unless I am at home, but I was able to leave my house with what I was wearing,” said Kelly Diep.

E-boy is slang for boys who have an emo fashion sense. They have made themselves known through various social media platforms such as Tiktok. Their fashion includes chains, striped long sleeve shirts, and a middle-parted hairstyle.

Heyna Delgado chose to dress up as an E-boy since the theme wasn’t far off from her style. She wore baggy pants, chains, and a striped long sleeve with a black t-shirt on top. “Dressing up benefits the school and students because it raises school spirit and creates a fun environment for the students,” says Heyna Delgado.

Tuesday’s theme was twins, where students were able to collaborate with their friends and wear matching outfits to show their friendship. Of course, without seeing the pairs and groups together you would never know they were twinning so many students posted on their social media to share their school spirit.

Wednesday’s theme was neon, where students let their creativity shine and wore their brightest clothes. From wild makeup to full neon outfits, South El Monte’s students do not disappoint when it comes to spirit. 

Thursday’s theme was memes, where students printed out memes and brought outfits to correspond with said memes. Many of the students who chose to dress up wore outfits from vines. 

Friday’s theme was opposites, where students either dressed as a different gender or wore the opposite of their regular style. Groups of guys wearing long wigs and dresses could be spotted around the quad and many girls chose to wear hoodies and caps to emulate a “guy’s” style. Someone who truly stood out on Friday was Thamelie Than who went all out and wore a suit and accompanied it with a beard and mustache. There is no denying Spirit Week 2019 achieved its goal and the Eagles represented.