New Quad Coming Soon


Tyler Macias, Fashion Editor

On the 18th of January, a couple weeks after students had returned from winter break, construction on the quad began at South El Monte High School. A plan that has been in the works for around two and a half years now, was finally set in motion. Many may wonder why there’s construction during a pandemic, requiring students to clump together in smaller areas, or what this new construction may do for the school in the future. South El Monte High School principal, Dr. Morales has provided information to share with the school community. 

The construction is expected to end by June or July 2022, as stated in an email sent out on the 17th of January, and by Dr. Morales himself. The company in charge of the Quad construction is Rachlin Partners. While the hope is for the work to be done sooner, it’s good to leave the company with a schedule that includes free room, especially during a time where many students have to quarantine to keep the community safe.

The email states that the construction will improve shaded seating for the students. Dr. Morales stated, “The quad is going to be more environmentally conscious,” expect to see more plant life in the quad as a result. Dr. Morales also said that the space will be improved for any celebratory activities, with lighting, and a new sound system added to the center. All of this is in an effort to enhance the quality of presentations happening in the quad, like performances and back to school night. The ground will also be leveled, and there will be new walkways made out of concrete.

Dr. Morales wants to thank the students and staff for cooperating with the construction during this time and that he will be constantly updating the Eagle community on the progress of the construction. He understands the concerns that may come with students being pushed into a smaller area especially during COVID, and that he’s working on making more spaces available for students to socially distance if necessary. It seems for the time being, any activity that requires a stage will be taking place on the right side of the school, near the freeway.  The quad construction is a part of a bigger project designed to modernize the school, so expect to see more improvements made in the future to school spaces.