Thoughts On Covid-19 Exposure Emails


Michael Valencia, News Editor

“We’re seeing a surge in patients again, unprecedented in this pandemic.” said Dr. James Phillips, chief of disaster medicine at George Washington University. Many people are worried about a new variant of Covid-19 that spreads at an alarming rate. People and schools are taking precautions to stay safe and healthy. South El Monte High school is taking some precautions too, many students and staff have received emails regarding them being exposed to someone who was infected with Covid.


The emails that have been sent out by El Monte Union High School District to those who were in close contact or exposed to someone who was infected with the virus are a good way of getting people to test and help keep the virus contained. Tests are also being offered for free at South El Monte High school. Asymptomatic students and staff who are not fully vaccinated are told to quarantine for a minimum or 5 days or until a negative test result is proven.


“It feels good knowing that the school district cares about the health of their students and staff, it makes the school feel more safe and eases some of the things people worry about,” said Andrew Medina a Sophomore at South El Monte high school. These emails are a good way of making people take more precautions when it comes to being outside, such as wearing their masks and keeping a safe distance when possible. 


These emails are not sent at a bothersome rate although you may be receiving more emails than other people. “I was getting some emails saying that I was around someone who had Covid. But I haven’t received any in a few days,” said South El Monte freshman Roderick Martinez.